Enjoy Your Own Personal Learning Space (PLS) with EIMF

January 20, 2023

Why a Personal Learning Space (PLS)?

The PLS was launched last year to all EIMF participants and users and has proven to provide countless benefits!

Whether your learning preference is for In-class, Live Online or eLearning courses, being able to access your educational materials and certificates, refer to relevant resources, leave your feedback or revisit your courses at your leisure, is extremely helpful and of great value!

The EIMF offers all participants their own Personal Learning Space (PLS) on an easy to access platform, so that they may enjoy these benefits as well as keep a record of all their trainings in one place!

Furthermore, organisations can take advantage of a Corporate Learning Space (CLS) where they can enjoy these benefits and also gain access to in-depth reporting, to help them keep track of their team members’ learning and development.

The EIMF Learning Space also includes access to up-to-date articles on an array of subjects, access to Free Webinars and an embedded communication system so that you can ask your questions and attain answers!

Please feel free to view the Spring 2023 Training Calendar which includes more than 160 classroom and live online courses. For self-paced eLearning courses, click here.

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