ACCA – Strategic Business Leader (SBL – INT) – Compulsory

Designed to mirror the workplace and requires you to demonstrate a blend of technical, ethical, and professional skills.



The Strategic Business Leader subject is designed to mirror the workplace and requires you to demonstrate a blend of technical, ethical, and professional skills. It tests your ability to function as an accountant in a simulated workplace and asks you to respond to requests from people in various roles. It will not only be the technical quality of your answer that matters, but how professional your response is.

An important factor in SBL subject success is the building on the knowledge studied earlier in the ACCA qualification, including governance, ethics, risk management, internal control, strategy and leadership.  So, whether you are new to ACCA, have not studied for a while, or just want to check how well you know the core materials, we have created 5 self-check quizzes to assess your underlying knowledge and get personalised advice on your next steps and how to study for SBL efficiently.

Note: The Strategic Business Leader (SBL – INT) exam is part of the Strategic Professional Level of the ACCA qualification. No exemption for this subject.

Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this subject, you should be able to:
  • Apply excellent leadership and ethical skills to set the ‘tone from the top’ and promote a positive culture within the organisation, adopting a whole organisation perspective in managing performance and value creation.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the governance and agency system of an organisation and recognise the responsibility of the board or other agents towards their stakeholders, including the organisation’s social responsibilities and the reporting implications.
  • Evaluate the strategic position of the organisation against the external environment and the availability of internal resources, to identify feasible strategic options.
  • Analyse the risk profile of the organisation and of any strategic options identified, within a culture of responsible risk management.
  • Select and apply appropriate information technologies and data analytics, to analyse factors affecting the organisation’s value chain to identify strategic opportunities and implement strategic options within a framework of robust IT security controls.
  • Evaluate management reporting and internal control and audit systems to ensure compliance and the achievement of organisation’s objectives and the safeguarding of organisational assets.
  • Apply high level financial techniques from the Applied Skills exams in the planning, implementation and evaluation of strategic options and actions.
  • Enable success through innovative thinking, applying best in class strategies and disruptive technologies in the management of change, initiating, leading and organising projects, while effectively managing talent and other business resources.
  • Apply a range of Professional Skills in addressing requirements within the Strategic Leader examination and in preparation for, or to support, current work experience.
  • Demonstrate other employability and digital skills in preparing for and taking SBL examinations.


Registration and Access
Once you complete an online purchase you will receive confirmation of account activation. Please allow 48 hours to get access to all the modules and for your eLearning account to be set up.

If you wish to receive an invoice instead of paying online, please contact us at Access to the course is valid for 365 days.

Upon the successful completion of the subject Strategic Business Leader (SBL – INT), you can advance to the next subject of the ACCA Strategic Professional Level or If you have already completed other subjects, you can proceed to the ethics and professional skills module.


  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Risk
  • Technology and data analytics
  • Organisational control and audit
  • Finance in planning and decision-making
  • Enabling success and change management
  • Professional skills
  • Other employability and digital skills


  • Study planner and guidance
  • Access to AccountingWise Learn
  • Comprehensive pre-recorded lectures
  • Extensive question practice (including mock exams and feedback)
  • Tutor support via phone or email


  • The ACCA qualification is ideal for people who want a career in finance and business.


Format: Paper Based

Availability: March, June, September, and December

Pass: A score of 50%

Length: 4 hours

Questions: The examination assesses the technical and digital capabilities that potential leaders need to demonstrate in senior positions within organisations. The examination is based on an integrated case study containing a number of assignments which will vary at each examination. These assignments or tasks may require you to take on different roles, depending on the situation. The number of marks allocated to all these assignments or the sub-parts of these will add up to 100 in total. Within the total marks available, there are 20 Professional Skills marks. Usually, each task will contain some professional skills marks which may vary by examination, depending on the requirements. All tasks must be completed. The examination is of 4 hours duration, but this includes Reading, Planning and Reflection time (RPRT). This time can be used flexibly at any time during the exam.

Please Note: Official Exam is not provided; it should be purchased separately.

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