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– The Association of Governance, Risk and Compliance (AGRC) is a non-profit global professional accreditation and certification organization and networking platform

-AGRC is the fastest growing International AML and compliance community in the world

-AGRC aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences among Compliance, Risk, and Governance professionals

-The AGRC Values: Education | Expertise | Innovation | Global Outreach | Networking

6 Reasons to Become AGRC Certified

Comprehensive knowledge

Comprehensive knowledge of what constitutes Money Laundering (ML) and the steps financial institutions need to follow to curtail the criminal world’s increasingly complex attempts to legalize the money accrued from its illegal activities.

tools, information & skills

The necessary tools, information and skills to transform you into an in-demand professional for financial institutions and other organizations looking to create or strengthen their AML divisions.

Practical knowledge

Via the use of five case studies, a thorough understanding of what has been put in practice across the globe to prevent Money Laundering from a legal, regulatory, political, enforcement and economic perspective.

1-Year Membership

Free one-year membership to AGRC, where you can exchange knowledge and share experiences with GRCC professionals worldwide.

professional designation

Use of the AGRC’s professional designation as a Compliance professional.

Study at your own pace

Year-round registration with the option to complete the 15-hour online interactive AML Certification at your own pace and schedule, plus two attempts to pass the final exam consisting of 40 multiple choice questions.

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The AGRC’s AML Certificate’s Curriculum

AGRC’s AML Certificate covers the following specific topics:

– Money laundering methods, techniques, red flags and key risk areas
– AML compliance best practices & checklists
– Know Your Client (KYC) and Customer Due Dilligence (CDD)
– Beneficial ownership and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
– Economic sanctions and the relevant political and economic frameworks
-The main vulnerabilities of financial institutions vis-à-vis money laundering
– The legal framework for AML from a practical perspective
– AML case studies and analysis
Expected Learning Outcomes for AGRC’s AML Certificate
Here’s what you can expect to achieve following the completion of this AML Certificate:
– Identify ML-related risks and dangers that need to be dealt with via a rigid AML strategy
– Understand ML risk assessment and management and learn how to design a comprehensive AML risk-based approach
– Review the relevant processes and procedures that need to be adopted as part of an AML strategy
– Gain a practical perspective through a review of the relevant legal framework that covers AML
– Understand the importance of international economic sanctions and how these can be used as a tool to combat ML and plenty more.

Q & A

Most frequent questions and answers
Upon registration you will attain immediate access to all study material and self-paced eLearning lectures.
Yes, for each AGRC package you will receive the Study Guide, and the exam (two attempts). You will also receive a structured guided eLearning package that includes video lectures, case studies and much more that will allow you to study at your own time and better prepare for the exam.  
Yes, the AGRC Certificate in AML is designed to be a fully self-paced online programme, accessible with any device, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. 
The AGRC Study Guide contains a full mock exam with 40 practice questions for your reference. The online study material online includes additional practice questions that will enable you to engage better with the content and get the most out of your reading.
You attain immediate access to the exam upon the completion of the course. The exam is conveniently taken remotely from your own PC or laptop. You do not need to travel to an examination centre to sit your final test – rather, you can take the exam at your own convenience, at any time from the comfort of your home or office.
The AGRC exam consist of 40 MCQs for the completion and award of the Certificate in Anti Money Laundering, issued by the Association of Governance, Risk and Compliance (AGRC). The pass mark is 70% and two attempts are permitted. The time allowed for the exam is 60 minutes.
We recommended a total of 25 to 30 learning hours. As it is a fully self-paced course, you would be expected to define a suitable pace yourself. However, most of our students, tend to complete their training in under 3 months.
The AGRC study guide, the self-paced online interactive course that includes the analysis of 5 practical case studies, a set of mock practice questions to help you prepare for the exam, 1-year free AGRC membership, and two attempts for the Online Exam. Upon passing the exam you will attain the AGRC Certificate in AML.
AGRC’s AML Certificate has been designed for professionals looking to build a career in AML, employees with specific AML duties within an organization, or individuals working in the financial services industry who want a comprehensive training in AML.
No previous knowledge or experience is required although it is assumed that those interested have good knowledge of English and a strong educational background.

This certification has been developed by the The Association of Governance, Risk and Compliance (AGRC) and course has been created by the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF).

The syllabus is verified by external subject matter experts and may be accredited by financial regulators and professional bodies.

To register for this course, click on the Get this course button to pay online. If you wish to receive an invoice instead of paying online, please contact us.

Become AGRC Certified!

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