Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Participants will understand how to apply GRC processes to avoid duplication of efforts.


The self-based online training programme provides the participants with a broad range of areas addressed in a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) model. Participants will understand how to apply GRC processes to avoid duplication of efforts. The programme also includes important definitions, and the structure of a GRC Model.

Effective Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practices are essential to achieving and maintaining public trust and confidence in financial services, which are critical to the proper functioning of the sector and the economy. Poor GRC can contribute to bank failures, which can pose significant public costs. Such failures also have the potential to impact on any applicable deposit insurance system, and there is the possibility of broader macroeconomic implications, such as contagion risk and impact on payment systems. This was illustrated in the financial crisis that began in 2008.

From a financial industry perspective, GRC involves the way the business and affairs of a firm are governed by its board and senior management, including how they:

• set the firm’s strategy and objectives
• determine the firm’s risk tolerance/appetite
• operate the firm’s day-to-day business
• protect the interests of depositors, meet shareholder obligations, and take into account the interests of other recognised stakeholders, and
• align corporate activities and behaviour with the expectation that the firm will operate in a safe and sound manner, with integrity and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Part 1: Corporate Governance

• Objectives of Corporate Governance
• Senior Management Leadership
• Monitoring Corporate Governance
• Unitary and Dual (Two-Tier) Boards
• Effective Management
• Audit Contribution to Governance
• What does Due Diligence Mean?
• Corporate Governance Training
• Enhancing Corporate Governance – Background to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Principles

Part 2: Key Risk Types, their Application and Impact on the Compliance Function

• Risk and Uncertainty
• External Sources of Risk
• Internal Sources of Risk
• Effective Risk Management
• Assessment of Risks
• Risk Management

Part 3: Compliance

• Managing Compliance Risk
• Using Technology to Aid the Management of Compliance Risks
• The Impact of Technology on Regulatory Risk


Training Duration

This course may take up to 4 hours to complete. However, actual study time differs as each learner uses their own training pace.



This course is ideal for anyone wishing to know the essentials of GRC and the international regulatory environment. It is also suitable for professionals pursuing regulatory CPD in Financial Regulation.

• Board Members
• Governance Officer
• Compliance Manager
• Risk Manager
• Audit Executive
• Internal Auditor
• IT Auditor
• Corporate Counsel


Training Method

The course is offered fully online using a self-paced approach. The learning units consist of video presentations and reading material. Learners may start, stop and resume their training at any time.
At the end of each session, participants take a Quiz to complete their learning unit and earn a Certificate of Completion once all quizzes have been passed successfully.


Registration and Access

To register to this course, click on the Get this course button to pay online and receive your access instantly. If you are purchasing this course on behalf of others, please be advised that you will need to create or use their personal profile before finalising your payment.

Access to the course is valid for 180 days.

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