Your Summer Escape: Recharge & Upskill with Our Microlearning Bundle

Make the most of your summer by enhancing your skills and boosting your productivity.

Join our exclusive Summer Escape: Recharge & Upskill Programme!

Designed for busy professionals like you, this study programme offers you a curated bundle of  95 microlearning courses, each taking only 10-20 minutes to complete, for a total of 30 hours of interactive learning.  


This Bundle Consists of the Following Courses:
For group of 10 people or more, the price is €75 per person. Contact us for more information.


Unwind, learn, and grow with a varied selection of courses across in-demand categories such as:

  • Communication & Social Skills: Sharpen your communication skills and build stronger working relationships via exercises on effective presentations, active listening, and more.
  • Management & Leadership: Develop your leadership style with effective delegation, conflict resolution, coaching, and team building and motivation techniques.
  • Personal Development: Boost your time management, productivity, and leadership skills to reach your full potential.
  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Services: Explore proven techniques to connect better with clients and provide exceptional service.
  • Teamwork: Fuel collaboration with communication and problem-solving skills to achieve exceptional results together.
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health: Discover strategies for stress management, mindfulness, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Here’s what makes Your Summer Escape bundle special:

  • Flexible & Self-paced: Learn at your own convenience and schedule.
  • Bite-sized Learning: Complete short and absorbing courses that will keep you focused and motivated.
  • Variety of Topics: Broaden your knowledge base and explore new skill sets.
  • Unplug & Recharge: Take a break from your usual screen time and engage with interactive learning.



Communication & Social Skills (5 hours)

  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Communicating under Pressure
  • Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Research
  • Presenting with Confidence
  • Spelling and Punctuation
  • The English Sentence
  • What’s Not Being Said?
  • Workplace Diplomacy
  • Writing Your Report
  • Effective Dispersed Teams
  • Strategies for Effective Listening
  • Improving Your Business Writing Skills
  • Improving Your Verbal Communications Skills
  • Working with Different Communication Styles
  • Customer Communication Part 1
  • Customer Communication Part 2
  • Customer Communication Part 3


Management & Leadership (7 hours)

  • Appraisal Interviews
  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Operational Agility
  • Performance Management
  • Planning for a Crisis
  • Taking Action
  • The Need for Strategy
  • Training for Non-Trainers
  • Workplace Ethics
  • How Great Leaders Solve Problems
  • Develop a Thriving Team Part I
  • Develop a Thriving Team Part II
  • Developing Your Team through Coaching


Personal Development (4 hours)

  • Confidence
  • Decision Making
  • First Impressions
  • Making Objectives Happen
  • Managing Personal Finance
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Networking
  • Planning Your Own Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Remote Working
  • Time Management Episodes
  • Tips for the Interviewee
  • How to Perform Well Under Pressure
  • What is Time Management?
  • Understanding and Managing Procrastination
  • How to Prioritize Tasks by Urgency and Importance


Sales, Marketing & Customer Services (4 hours)

  • A Balancing Act
  • A Positive Perspective
  • Approaching New Customers
  • Caring for Vulnerable Customers
  • Communicating with Respect
  • Handling Complaints
  • Know Your Customer
  • Maintaining Existing Customer
  • Managing Expectations
  • Brand & Reputation
  • Writing Effective Marketing Emails
  • Common Mistakes when Handling Sales Objections
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence in Sales
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Four Essential Customer Service Skills


Teamwork (2 hours)

  • Digital Collaboration
  • Collaborative Working
  • Effective Meetings
  • Find Your Role
  • Performance Troubleshooting
  • Working in Teams
  • Teamwork
  • What Makes a Team Effective?


Mental Health and Wellbeing (8 hours)

  • Changing Behaviours
  • Letting Go
  • Life Balance
  • Personal Agility
  • Everyday Energy Resilience
  • Positive Thinking
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Building Healthy Boundaries
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset Relationship
  • Relationship Building in the Hybrid Workplace
  • Benefits of Good Sleep
  • Digital Wellbeing
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Personal Safety
  • Relaxation
  • Recognising and Managing Anxiety
  • Great Conversations
  • What is Critical Thinking
  • Building a Healthy Morning Routine
  • The Science of Happiness and Well-being
  • Boost Your Wellness with Healthy Workplace Habits
  • Resilience
  • Managing Emotions



For a Limited Time Only!

This exclusive Summer Escape programme is available for immediate purchase for only €175 per person until Saturday, 31 August 2024.

If your organisation would like to book 10 or more team members, then the rate drops to only €75 per person. For further information, please contact us.

Once you enrol, you and your team will have access to the content for two (2) months, allowing you to learn and grow at your own pace throughout the summer months.

Enrol today and unlock your full potential!

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